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VLAN – Virtual Local Area Network

VLAN – Virtual Local Area Network


These days, it would be hard to imagine the configuration of the local networks without utilization of VLAN, which means the Virtual Local Area Network. What actually VLAN means, what are the types of it, and why is the VLAN being used?

Hitting the Bull's Eye – Gateway Signamax 065-9066

Hitting the Bull's Eye – Gateway Signamax 065-9066


The beginning of the 21st Century really meant a great expansion in mobile communication. During that time also the GSM gateways started to be deployed within the firms in large numbers, and then they were still being connected to the analog switchboards. Today we are experiencing a similar boom with the Voice over IP technology, and as a consequence of such trend, a new product line of GSM gateways has been approaching the market, which primarily aims at the SIP protocol. Neither the company of Signamax could keep itself detached. It is now offering to its customers a new product that in many aspects overpowers the competition.

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