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INTELEK has been founded in 1993 as wholesale specialised in connectors, cables and connection material for computer networks, telecommunications and electronics. We have activities in whole Europe from Ukraine, Russia, Austria, Germany, Sweden to Norway as well as Africa and Middle East.
Although at the beginning the company was oriented only on selling wide selection of components in above mentioned areas, during last few years its activities have been shifted far more further.

Apart from selling individual components we also offer complete system solutions for local computer networks. We also offer technical support and consulting services in computer networking area. We organise seminars and trainings. We even have our own production group for cable sets and various types of connections for both metallic and optical cables according to customer's requirements.

Most producers which we co-operate with hold ISO 9000 certificate and their assortment is covered by American certificates of UL, Delta Electronic, ETL and 3P.

SOLARIX is a CAT5E and CAT6 "both UTP as well as FTP network structured" cabling system offering excellent reliability and easy installation with very good price/performance ratio. Thanks the quality and range of components, SOLARIX is suitable for all types of networks – small, middle or large installations. All SOLARIX components comply with or even extend all requirements defined by TIA, ISO/IEC and CELENEC standards. The quality and design of SOLARIX components allow us to offer standard 3 years’ warranty or even 15 years’ system guarantee for registered installation.

The new product range which INTELEK offers is SIGNAMAX - components and fully certified structure cabling system. SIGNAMAX active products represent one of the most profitable industrial method of solution for Ethernet, Fast Ethernet a Gigabit Ethernet.
SIGNAMAX is complete system of active components that includes NIC, Ethernet switches, media converters, wireless, KVMs that facilitate us easy combination of metalic and optic networks.

For computer networks we offer RIT cabling system – complex and highly efficient structured cabling system that fulfills the strictest requirements of present day. It includes unique physical layer management tool, PatchView for Enterprise a system that provides network manager with real time information about cable connections and enables him to manage any changes from his work station.
The main advantages of RIT system are following: wide assortment of UTP and STP including switchboards, high flexibility, high quality provided by 100% exit inspection fulfilling ISO 9000, 20 years' system guarantee, excellent price/output ratio.

Very important market segment where INTELEK is involved are wireless networks, mainly for realising ("Last mile") Internet access, BWA and enterprise grade WiFi networks, providing wireless data, VoIP services and building backbone connections. We mainly concentrate on 2.4 GHz, 3.x GHz and 5 GHz bandwidth. INTELEK serves as distributor company for TELRAD, EXTRICOM, 4IPNET, YOUNCTA, RADIALL and the others, which provide most of the components for wireless networking. Antenna systems, VF cabling, connectors and all accessories needed for wireless network set-up are integral parts of the system.

19" racks for IT, telecommunications and measuring technology – ATRACK and SIGNAMAX cabinets are all-metal cabinets meant for data, telecommunication and other electronic equipment installations. They are produced not far away from Brno in newly equipped factory that is fitted with most modern metal sheet processing technology. The production fulfills strict norms of ISO 9001. The range of ATRACK and SIGNAMAX cabinets is very wide and includes wall-mounted divided and non-divided 19" cabinets, standing 19" cabinets of 15U to 45U height. Wide selection of accessories is also self-evident (various kinds of shelves, ventilators, optical patch panels…). An interesting opportunity is represented by our OEM production, where we offer presentation of the customer by placing logo directly onto the cabinets by glass engraving or sticking foil on the glass or the frame.

RARITAN COMPUTER is leading global provider of enterprise-class, keyboard/video/mouse (KVM), serial console control and remote access solutions. Their products help businesses of every size to easily and securely access, control and manage computers, servers and other IT devices that run the business.

The basic strategy of the company is support of partners and cooperation.
INTELEK as distributor does not supply to end users nor takes part in tenders.
The partner support is based:

• system of seminars and training
• common marketing
• advertising
• participation in trade fairs
• logistics

Important part is created by co-operation with maximum support acquiring large projects.