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Terms and Conditions

We would like to enhance the terms and conditions for our long-time customers especially in respect to invoice payments and granted credits. Please, pay attention to the documents attached below. If you sign the Business Relation Agreement including the Annex we can offer you the payment within 30 days with the agreed amount of granted credits and also a possibility to fund projects for the maximum period of 60 days.
If you have already taken the goods from our company and you are not able to pay in time as a result of an unexpected insolvency, we have a new service available for you – Loan Agreement.

If you are interested in any of the new services, please contact Sales Department,
phone no. +420 533 338 833.

Click here to download the General Terms and Conditions.
Click here to download the Claiming Regulatin.
Click here to download the List of Authorized Persons Form.