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Alvarion BreezeACCESS-VL & BreezeNET-B Factory Defaults (371.13 KB)Driver 065-1798 Signamax PCI card 802.11b/g, 54 Mbps, ext. anténa (14.66 MB)Driver Signamax Mini PCI Card 065-1753 v4.1.2.71 (9.89 MB)Driver Utility Signamax 065-1751 (3.48 MB)Firmware Upgrade Utility (109.3 KB)Printer Server Driver Signamax 065-1507 (2.85 MB)Proxim-SolarWinds-TFP-Server (7.41 MB)Release Notes Orinoco Access Point 8670-MR-EU vR4.0.3 (74.39 KB)RMT utility (incl. Manual & WinPcap) 2.1 b08 (1.92 MB)ScanTool Orinoco Access Point 8670-EU v2.7.2 (121.92 KB)ScanTool Orinoco Access Point 8670-MR-EU v2.7.2 (121.92 KB)ScanTool Orinoco Access Point 8675-EU-WD v2.7.2 (121.92 KB)ScanTool Orinoco Access Point 9411-WD v2.7.2 (121.92 KB)ScanTool Orinoco Access Point 9422-WD v2.7.2 (121.92 KB)ScanTool Proxim and Orinoco v2.5&2.6 (190.01 KB)Software Alvarion AlvariCRAFT pro BA-VL a BNET-B v3.0.0.27 (80.31 MB)Software Alvarion BreezeNET B Restore Default Parameters (509.76 KB)Software Orinoco Access Point 8670-EU OEM TFTP Server (7.98 MB)Software Orinoco Access Point 8670-MR-EU OEM TFTP Server (7.98 MB)Software Orinoco Access Point 8670-MR-EU v4.0.3 (70.21 KB)Software Orinoco Access Point 8670-MR-EU v4.0.3 B1279 (1.94 MB)Software Orinoco Access Point 8675-EU-WD OEM TFTP Server (7.98 MB)Software Orinoco Access Point 9411-WD OEM TFTP Server (7.98 MB)Software Orinoco Access Point 9422-WD OEM TFTP Server (7.98 MB)Software Signamax IP Camera 065-9001 IPViewSE Standard (6.87 MB)Tftpd32 (156.05 KB)Utilita Serial/IP Redirector v4.3.2 (3.89 MB)Utility Signamax 065-166x (6.02 MB)