Signamax Technical Certification Seminars

An integral part of the Signamax product line offer is obtaining of the "Signamax Certified Installer" certificate upon successful completion of one-day training seminar. The seminar concentrates on improvement of theoretical knowledge of standards, key functions, wire and wireless network design, etc. The course also includes practical part.

The training seminar includes the following topics:
    • Introduction to LAN, MAN, WAN and WLAN Networks, ISO/OSI, TCP/IP
    • 802.1, 802.3, 802.11 Standards
    • Explanation of Terminology for Active Elements and Wireless Components: VLAN, QoS, VoIP, IGMP Snooping, Port Mirroring, PoE, Trunking, Spanning Tree/Rapid ST, SNMP/MIB, DSSS, FHSS, OFDM, VoWLAN, 802.1x, WEP/WPA, TKIP, theory of antennas, and others
    • Principles of Design, Installation and Management of Computer Networks – basic rules during design and installation of computer networks and their active components
    • Introduction to the Signamax Active Product Line – switches, VoIP, wireless networks, media converters, NIC, KVM switches, routers)
    • Practical Part – demonstration of switch installation, wireless units, etc.

All seminar participants will obtain the Signamax Certified Installer Certificate upon successful completion of the short final examination. Price for the first participant from one company is 2,490 CZK and for each additional one 1,490 CZK. Maximum number of participants from one company is four.
We offer discount of 500 CZK from employees of companies registered in the Signamax Partner program.
In addition to the certificate, (i.e. the "Certificate of Registered Partner" or "Certificate of Trained Designer"), each participant will receive detailed materials necessary for the training seminar work (e.g. printed presentation, product data sheets, catalogs, etc.).

For more information, please contact Mr. Martin Doušek, Product Manager, at +420 533 338 805.

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