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Why to Use VoIP for Enterprise Application

Enable enterprise customers to lower their investment costs related to PBX equipments and phone services at their remote branches.
  • Enhance the phone services to remote employees by providing them direct connectivity to the Headquarter's PBX.
  • Improve the level of service (e.g., subscriber features) to enterprise customers.
  • Provide customers with a simple entry-level application and the confidence to gradually migrate to the new VoIP technology.
  • Implementation can start with a small investment to reduce the risks.
  • Simple to install and configure: One-to-one routing Internal Routing Define POTS services to remote user. (in PBX)

VoIP technology enables enterprise to install the voice application server over the (data) network to serve all the distributed sites in the enterprise that have some sort of connection to the enterprise's IP network. Supporting all enterprise branches with just one system ensures that all the above issues are solved.

Multi Office:
The reduction/elimination of telephone fee can have an enormous benefit for the corporation.
Signamax VoIP Gateway and GateKeeper provide the "multi-branch" office solution for middle or small enterprise spread in many different locations.
In the VoIP network, companies can reduce or eliminate the cost of inter-office communication costs.

Call Center:
An increasing number of enterprises are turning to VoIP call centers as a cost-effective solution for delivering the kind of customer experience that strengthens relationships.

Chain Store:
To cut down on phone bills and make phone system management easier, the Signamax VoIP system can link stores and their call centers, online site, or headquarters via VoIP and still provide CO lines at every location to maintain contact with non-VoIP users.

Banking Solution:
Banks or other financial companies can save long-distance phone cost by implementing VoIP.
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