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INTELEK Has Been Collecting One Award after the Other – the IT Product 2008

This year for the last time, the ComputerWorld magazine announced the finalists of the 3rd round of the competition called IT Product 2008. The company of INTELEK again sent some of its interesting products to be presented at the competition, and it definitely made no mistake in doing so.
The company of INTELEK reached the finals of the 3rd round of the IT Product 2008 competition with the following products: Alvarion WiMAX BreezeMAX Micro BST Indoor Unit, Alvarion Wi-Fi AP Outdoor Unit, and Proxim Quick Bridge Point-to-Point Connection. All these products have been assigned to the category of Communication Products.

BreezeMAX Micro BST
This is the Base Station labeled MAX-MBST-IDU-4CH-DC. It is an excellent choice for everybody who takes WiMAX seriously. In this case, we are talking about an indoor version that can be mounted into the standard 19-inch rack. The deployment of this unit is an excellent choice primarily when you want to run the WiMAX network of a larger scope because it enables connection of up to 2 outdoor units using the coaxial cable. The Base Station allows centralized supervision and management of the entire sub-network, including the Client devices. The advanced possibilities of the service quality management and the high-quality connection to the backbone network using the Ethernet 10/100 technology is the foregone conclusion, too. A very convenient and effective remote administration of the unit is possible because of the AlvariSTAR and AlvariCRAFT external applications.
QuickBridge 60250
This is a futuristic looking device from Proxim called QuickBridge 60250, which is designed for operative creation of the high-speed Point-to-Point wireless connections. It works on a frequency of 60GHz, which guarantees very high transfer speeds of up to 100Mbit/s, and in the case of utilizing aggregation, even up to 200Mbit/s. With regard to the QuickBridge device, in addition to the high transfer speeds, the ComputerWorld magazine also valued the comprehensible and fast administration through the web interface or the SNMP protocol. The device contains an integrated antenna with high 38dBi. An ideal deployment of the connection is interconnecting between the buildings of about 500 to 1,000 meters in distance. The top wireless technology therefore enables saving of a lot of money during the development of the backbone connections or during the creation of the very fast backups of the optical routes.
Alvarion Outdoor Wi-Fi AP
The selection of a suitable location is very important during the creation of Wi-Fi Access Points or Hot Spots. The most ideal are the spots, poles and buildings of sufficient height. Sometimes in such cases, it might be difficult to secure the power supply, but bringing the sufficient connectivity might be sometimes even more difficult to accomplish, especially when the outdoor solution is necessary to be utilized. Alvarion, the manufacturer of the professional wireless devices, expected these problems and produced the Outdoor Wi-Fi AP named ALVR-Wi2-ODU-b/g. Without exaggeration, this is one of the universal Access Points today. It not only supports the Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) technologies, but it also enables the connection of the outdoor Client stations for the WiMAX technology, i.e. the BreezeACCESS VL or BreezeMAX, and it also secures the power supply. In this case, the ComputerWorld magazine valued not only the top-of-a-line AP/Hot Spot for Wi-Fi, the very good mechanical design, the possibility of connecting up to two external antennas, but also the great variability of bringing the connectivity and support for the mobile services of the end customers.
During the announcement of the regular IT Product 2008 competition, the company of INTELEK again proved that the Czech Republic market is being supplied with interesting and functional equipment of the highest quality. Together with the low prices and superior support, these are the reasons why many companies make a choice of solutions from INTELEK and why our customers always come back to us.