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Signamax & Alvarion Products Received “IT Product of 2007” Award

Two products of the INTELEK Company portfolio distribution have finished in the finals of the ComputerWorld Magazine competition called “IT Product of the Year”.

The following products received the “IT Product of 2007 award:
      • Signamax Network Disk
      • WiMAX Client from Alvarion
Goal of the “IT Product of the Year competition” is, according to its creators, 'to bring to the front the products with such attributes, which shall positively differ from the competitive products of the same category', whereat such could mean a complete innovative product, an individual functionality improvement, or even a significantly favorable price. The products participating in the second round of the competition had to be introduced on the domestic market during the year of 2007, which was met by both product of the INTELEK company receiving the award. All products making it into the finale received an award of “IT Product of 2007”.

The first of the awarded products is the WiMAX Client Alvarion BreezeMAX 3500 designed in the category of Communication Products. The ComputerWorld Magazine Editors became interested in the product's six integrated antennas, which however do not limit the user in an option to connect the external antenna, to support the fixed and mobile WiMAX, and to upgrade to the standard of 802.16e-2005 in the future. The editors also brought into attention that it is the device, which could be applied in various installations, and therefore properly certified.

Another product receiving an award was the Signamax 065-1520 Network Disk competing in the category of User Hardware. This relatively small device manufactured by Signamax offers the unheard-of opportunities. It represents a combination of the NAS system, file server and printing server for the networks of small and mid-sized companies or households.
Signamax 065-1520 offers four USB ports for connection of disks and printers. Data is accessible through FTP or SMB protocols. The editors of the ComputerWorld Magazine were interested in the automatic detection and sharing of the connected media, easy configuration of the user accounts including the user rights and support of more disk partitions on the connected media. They also considered very useful the application for detection of all Signamax 065-1520 devices within the network, and the option to format and deactivate the individual media prior to their disconnection.

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