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More than 2 000 ports in One 42U Rack

10/2/2007, Ivo Kraváček
RiT Technologies (RITT) recently developed a new 48 port in 1 U patch pannel including its premium PatchView system.
Hi Density patch pannels are saving lots of valuable space in both small and large datacenters. Less space means less investment and running costs. Unfortunately everthing has got its price and hi-density patch pannels are very difficult to install. Limited space within patchpannels makes the instalation work a real trouble.

RiT Technologies brought up an interesting idea. The patch pannel known as UTP Cat5E 48xRJ45 is actually made of two parts 1/2U each. While in instalation process each part is being installed separately and when finished both parts are put together to create easy to instal and compact Hi density pannel.
Details are available here or at RiT Technologies web pages
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