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New 8-port PoE Signamax switch with management

A new switch for small and medium networks with PoE - PSE functionality support.
The 065-7508PoE switch is the first innovation from the Signamax company, and was introduced on the market this month. It is an 8-port switch with WebSmart control that supports standard Fast Ethernet (rate 100 Mb/s). The 065-7308PoE switch was its precursor.

This switch, designed for small and medium networks, can be controlled by means of an IP address thanks to WebSmart management (in contrast, its precursor 065-7308PoE was completely without management). It is also possible to install the switch into a 19" distribution board.

Moreover, all 8 switch ports (in the previous model there were only 4 ports of 8) support the PoE - PSE (Power Source Equipment) function in accordance with the 802.3af standard, with a maximum of 15.4 W per port. This means that the switch is able to supply the next device in the network through the network cable.