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Eliminate Interference in Your Environment with 065-1752 Signamax Wireless 5GHz USB Dongle

Once you decide to utilize advantages of the lesser interference within your environment and with it the resulting improved reliability and faster data transfers, which the Wi-Fi 802.11a at a frequency band of 5GHz securely offers, you will be able to rely on the Signamax line of products, which makes these possibilities accessible to you.
As an Access Point, you can for instance use the Wireless 5GHz Access Point/Client/Repeater 802.11a/b/g of the Signamax 065-1755 brand. However, in order to use such Access Point, you will need some reliable receiver. Of course, today you can already buy common notebooks supporting the 802.11a standard. This will however not solve your problem with existing machines. Therefore, you would surely welcome the compact, reliable and affordable Signamax Wireless 5GHz USB Dongle, 802.11a/b/g. The company of Signamax applies a smart approach towards this issue and offers not only the standards of 802.11a and bands of 5GHz. Signamax surely supports more widely used technologies of 802.11b/g running at a frequency of 2.4GHz.

Compact Size and Easy Installation
The entire device is very compact and resembles favorite USB sticks. The design color is white. It also includes LED diode of a very modern design for status indications. Prior to the first use you will have to install the drivers and the applicable optional software, both included on the CD that is part of the package. You do not have to worry anymore about the situations of being forced to download the drivers and applicable software from the Internet, Signamax includes the corresponding CD with every delivery package. Installation is done in a standard fashion by inserting the CD into the drive and by following the instructions on the screen. As with all USB devices, it is recommended to finish all specific installations prior to attaching the device to the computer for the first time.

You Will Like Signamax 065-1752 for its Perfect Design & Compact Size

Quality Software is a Must
If you intend to utilize the USB dongle to its full capabilities, we advise you to install not only the driver but also the supplied utility, which is very easy, understandable, useful and efficient aid. The software naturally enables to use all technologies at once; therefore, you will not have to switch between the 2.4GHz and 5GHz modes manually. The utility searches for all networks in the vicinity with no regard to frequency band. On the other hand, if you wish, you can exclusively instruct the software to search for a specific band of your choice only. The utility naturally supports security technologies like WEP (64bit and 128bit), open authentication, authentication by a shared key, or authentication secured by WPA or WPA2 protocols. One of the options available is the utilization of login certificates. The WEP key can be entered in either hexadecimal or ASCII mode. The second option available is saving your work with overwriting the long sequences of characters by the use of 128-bit WEP key.
Your installed utility will also enable you to access the functions for configuration of the connection parameters. In the menu, you will be allowed to change the size of the boundary that after exceeding shall use the hidden knot technologies of RTS/CTS for elimination of problems, and you will be able to configure the maximum packet size. Especially when used with notebooks, with respect to battery savings, we advise you to turn on the device power-safe mode. In such case, while no data is being transferred, the wireless device is powered only when it awaits the transmission of Beacon packets from the Access Point.
Naturally, following the successful establishment of the connection, the installed utility indicates the signal strength, connection quality (it could happen that during strong interference even sufficiently strong signal might cause bad connections), number of received and sent packets, currently utilized Access Point, as well as the transfer speed. The information on strength signal and device status is also shown in the system tray. All configurations can be saved into profiles, which might be advantageous in the situations when you decide on using only specific frequency bands or "shuffling" the connections between Access Point and Ad-Hoc. You do not have to worry about no configurations because the attached manual provides detailed explanations.

Testing in Practice? Excellent!
So what are the experiences in real-world applications? In a word, they are excellent! Everything functions as it should and the connections are reliable even during weak signals. When going out of reach of the Access Point and when subsequently returning within its reach, the connections automatically reestablish themselves without problems. The transfer speeds are significantly above the average and especially when utilizing the Signamax 065-1755 Access Point, there is no problem achieving transfer speeds exceeding 18Mbit/s during copying files. During the tests in office environment, thus in the environment with quite significant interference, the technology that works within the frequency band of 5GHz showed to be fully beneficial with no problems of reaching constantly maximum transfer speeds. Despite the possibility of achieving the same maximum with the 802.11g standard, due to the interference from other devices and wireless networks, the transfer speeds climbed up to about half of the value. In addition, even when the expectations call for the technologies with higher frequencies to have problems with more significant inhibitions within environments, even during the passes through solid barriers like walls or doors, the practical tests showed that the reach is almost identical as with the 802.11g standard.
If you experience annoying interference from wireless technologies and if you would like to achieve high transfer speeds, switch to the 5GHz band. The best to realize such transition is to use the Signamax Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g USB Dongle 065-1752 and the Signamax 065-1755 Access Point. Use of these devices will provide you with not only significant benefits of higher speeds, but the transition will also be painless, thanks to 100% compatibility with existing technologies. Moreover, you can purchase all these devices for incredibly affordable prices.
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