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Hitting the Bull's Eye – Gateway Signamax 065-9066

The beginning of the 21st Century really meant a great expansion in mobile communication. During that time also the GSM gateways started to be deployed within the firms in large numbers, and then they were still being connected to the analog switchboards. Today we are experiencing a similar boom with the Voice over IP technology, and as a consequence of such trend, a new product line of GSM gateways has been approaching the market, which primarily aims at the SIP protocol. Neither the company of Signamax could keep itself detached. It is now offering to its customers a new product that in many aspects overpowers the competition.
The Signamax 065-9066 is not the GSM gateway anymore – it at the same time offers an option to connect the analog telephone and the backup PSTN line. Thanks to this it could become an important telecommunication node of your office or company. The ideal utilization of the product could be within the offices and smaller firms that are still taking care of their needs using the separated devices for each technology used. For integration into the VoIP network, not only the SIP protocol can be used, but also the H.323 technology is supported, which is not that common for the device in this price range.

Typical Deployment of Signamax 065-9066

The Signamax 065-9066 gateway is the equipment of compact dimensions with a final touch in an elegant black color. It has been made ready for placing on the cushion, but according to your needs, it can be hanged on the wall using the integrated mounting holes. The status and the actual activity of the device can be monitored and indicated by several green LED diodes situated in the front of the product. The backside of the product features one RJ-11 connector for analog telephone and analog line, one RJ-45 connector for LAN using Ethernet 10/100, and also a gold-plated connector for external GSM antenna, which is part of the package. The matter of fact is its most important part – the slot for inserting the SIM card. The SIM card can be manipulated with only while the power supply is turned off; otherwise you risk the damage to the actual SIM card or the device alone.

Three modes can be configured for connection of the device to the computer network. These are the classic static IP address, the dynamic IP address (utilization of DHCP), and also the supported technology of PPPoE; however, the probability of such utilization is not that great with this type of device.
The device can be conveniently configured using the comprehensible web interface, or if you prefer an access through the console, the Telnet protocol can be used. The Telnet protocol, as opposed to the web interface, offers more options of debugging. When configuring the device using the web interface, one of the really strong features of the device will surface. Each configuration change happens immediately in real time; therefore the annoying necessity of restarting the device each time after the change has been performed is not necessary, as is the case with the competition products. The same positive evaluation must be awarded to the possibility of the savings being made into the flash memory, which is done after the explicit choice of the corresponding item has been made. Thus the configuration options can be experimented with as needed and the permanent savings will be done not sooner than after conforming the change that would already meet your requirements. In the event of an "unsuccessful trial", the only action necessary is the restart, which will put everything back into previous configuration settings.

During calls into GSM networks, you can use either the VoIP (when connected through SIP by preselecting the gateway number and after receiving the tone by the GSM number choice), or the connected analog telephone, for which you can also activate the function named "Baby Call", which is similar to the hot line and it automatically (with configurable delay) selects the defined GSM number within the network after lifting up the receiver.
For example, the Baby Call function is perfect for babysitting, as its name already suggests, but it can be also utilized for emergency phone calls because VoIP operators usually do not guarantee connections to various rescue departments.

If you do not wish anybody calling back the GSM gateway and thus getting into your internal network, you can take advantage of filters either allowing the explicit ban of all calls with letting through only the specific numbers, or vice versa accepting incoming calls from all unknown numbers with banning only the specifically selected numbers.

The default line of codec products is available for VoIP: G.711 a-law and G.711 u-law, G.723, G.729a, and G.729b. You can always choose your favorite one. The remaining ones will be available for instances when requested by the other communication party. The quality of the call when using the cellular network is limited to GSM technology; nevertheless, it can be considered as very good. It is worth of mentioning that exactly for securing the best quality of the call; it is necessary to place the GSM antenna as far as possible from the gateway, telephone sets and analog lines. Otherwise you will get annoying interference.

If you use SMS messages often and you intend to do so in the future, the choice of Signamax 065-9066 gateway would be the best one for you. The web interface will allow you to send the SMS messages and to receive them as well, both in a fast and simple fashion.

Deployment of the GSM / Analog / PSTN gateway of the Signamax 065-9066 brand really features great possibilities; let your VoIP network work on the basis of SIP protocol or H.323. It can literally work as a telecommunication node in you office connecting all used telecommunication technologies, and based on its reasonable price, even as a single-purpose gateway into the GSM network for larger organizations. In you intend to use no SIP registrar; you can set the direct connection of the peer-to-peer type in your numbering plan. Simply put, Signamax will manage almost every situation.

During the assessment of the device, we must not overlook its competitive price. Here we have to state that Signamax 065-9066 makes the competition to fear it. The ratio of price and utility literally rolls over it. Therefore, if you are looking for the GSM gateway that is capable to offer a little bit more than usual, in great difficulties we would look for any reasons not to go with the Signamax 065-9066 choice.

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