Product Drop wire "@" clamp for round DROP cable diameter 2-6mm - OEM - Fiber Management

Order code: 70900032

Brand: OEM

Guarantee period: 2 years

Unit of measurement (UoM): piece

Min. purchase amount (UoM): 1

Delivery date: immediately

Recommended price excluding VAT: 2,40 EUR

Dead-ending of round drop cable on poles and buildings.
Product Description
The drop wire clamp "@" is composed of a mandrelshaped body and an opened bail that can be locked into the clamp body. It is made out of UV resistant nylon for a lifespan guarantee of min 25 years.

• Dead-ending of round drop cable on poles and buildings.
• Suspension of drop cable at intermediate poles by using 2 drop clamps.
• Capacity: Ø 2 to 6mm round cables.
• Min. failing load : 180 daN

Its unique patented design allows the dead-ending of the cable without any radial pressure on the cable outer sheath and on the fibres. This provides an extra protection of the drop cable.
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